Exogene Films is proud to invest in the next generation by producing short films of emerging filmmakers.

poster Sons of God


2017 | dir. Laurence Turcotte-Fraser

Fiction | Thriller

with Émilie Leclerc Coté and Maxime Mailloux

Zoe poster


2018 | dir. Jean-François Duplat

Fiction | Drama

with Victoria Diamond, Larry Day and Lyne Tremblay

A Really Bad Day

2018 (in postproduction) | dir. Ding Wang

Fiction | Drama

with Alexe Przybyla, Simon Pelletier and Jasdeep Puri

Oh ciel!

2018 | dir. Charles-André Bertrand

Fiction | Comedy

with Julien Poulain, Rémi-Pierre Paquin and Isabelle O'Brian

poster Sons of God

Sons of God IMDB logo

A NYPD detective teams up with a Hasidic Jew to solve a murder in the Hasidic community.

2017 | dir. Fred Grivois

Fiction | Drama

with David Hirsh and Shailene Garnett

woman and man in car

Madame Hollywood IMDB logo

2016 | dir. Olivier Abbou

Fiction | Drama

with Normand Daneau, Élia St-Pierre and Tatiana Zinga Botao

poster Le miroir

Le miroir IMDB logo

2018 | dir. Marc Joly-Corcoran

Fiction | Drama

with David Hirsh and Shailene Garnett

poster Le nid

Le nid

2018 (in postproduction) | dir. David Paradis

Fiction | Drama

with Isabelle Blais and Pierre-Luc Brillant